Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hurry Home Husband

Husband is due home first thing tomorrow from almost two weeks overseas, whilst I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of his return I am feeling somewhat nervous at his reaction when he walks into the house of chaos at what will helpfully be an unearthly hour in the morning when the Drama Queens and I are guaranteed not to be at our best.

There is no doubt in his absence, standards have slipped somewhat on the basic tidiness front and the overall look of the house is now inclining towards a shared student house, shabby chic style of decoration.

However I would like to point out in the last two weeks whilst he has been travelling the world, the household has achieved a number of significant milestones.

1. Drama Queen No.1 ‘s Year 11 Formal Dress has been bought. The formals are the equivalent of the American Proms and generate a Royal Wedding type frenzy amongst attendees with regard to possible dresses – fortunately hats would be regarded as eccentric in the extreme rather than compulsory for this event so we were spared the satellite dish versus feathers debate.
2. Drama Queen No. 3 and six of her classmates have managed to write and film “Cleopatra’s story” an epic with Ben Hur scale ambitions performed within the confines of our house. The dog has a starring role as a Royal Leopard, a part that he performs with great aplomb as it involves him lounging masterfully on the forbidden territory of my bed.
3. Drama Queen No.2 has managed to survive a visit to the dentist and was able to communicate through the use of vigorous hand signals that, no she would not like two loose teeth just tweeked out – past experience having taught her that hesitation on this type of issue results in plier type instruments being thrust into her mouth.
4. I have proved that despite good intentions, left to my own devices I am completely incapable of going to bed at a sensible time and can be found most solitary evenings pottering round the house past midnight like an aging Bridget Jones, clasping book and tub of ice cream.


  1. Ha ha - I also find myself going to bed far too late when the Ball & Chain is out of town!

  2. I go to bed much earlier when mine is gone - and sleep much better! :D

  3. Hurray Mimi and Expat Mum, your comments are back - they disappeared when blogger went down.