Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm singing in the rain

Result! Admittedly it is still cascading water in Sydney, wet and windy with a severe weather warning is the kindest way to describe things. Feeling aggrieved that guarantee of dry weather, (purchase of wellies) had failed to work, I set off for dawn walk of reluctant fair weather dog clad in the outfit of one auditioning for a walk on role in a Fisherman's Friend advert, in my large yellow sou wester and the new leopard skin wellies. Beach not looking attractive in early dawn light and driving rain, though the elderly chap who swims there every morning was towelling himself off as I arrived. But despite the general greyness of the day I am skipping around as by 7am, Nina in the bakery had said "what fabulous boots" and Drama Queen No.2, the acknowledged style guru in the house, had also said she loved my wellies. So despite my yearnings for a pair of jewel coloured, fabulously comfortable and smart Hunter wellies I have to admit the cheap and cheerful ones are hitting a spot. Am I a wet, domestic style icon or not - and that's a rhetorical question.

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  1. Hi ! I was given a lilac pair of Hunters for Christmas, I have grown to love them and rather enjoy the ' what is she wearing' stares. Leopard skin - rock and roll, I salute you. Bank Holiday in Blighty - goes without saying - awful weather. xx