Saturday, May 1, 2010

The I should so do list

I recently joined Divine Caroline, an American site, where as part of your profile they ask you to answer a set of questions that I responded to, off the top of my head, as follows:

The five things always on my to do list
1. Write more
2. Sort out of control laundry
3. Tackle filing
4. Introduce consistent approach to parenting
5. Start Bridget Jones approach to dieting (on the grounds all sensible approaches seemed doomed to failure)

If I could donate $1 million to charity, it would go to

Educating girls

My most overused phrase is

Darling (When I told the Drama Queens about this question, they all responded, “darling” in chorus – so I think that’s a fair pick by me)

My Favorite Quote is

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven”
William Wordsworth (This one is also a bit of a reflection of my mental state in that I still consider myself young and indeed have great ambitions to be a young whippersnapper of a ninety year old.)

Having posted my response I then thought that actually a to do list should reflect
one’s ambitions or golden rules to live one's life by, not one’s failures on the housekeeping/child taming/healthy mind in healthy body front. So I have decided I should consider some alternative ones.

The new I should so do list

1. Laugh and Love and talk to (rather than shout at) those I love each day
2. Write Novel
3. Look for the interesting in each day rather than lost socks
4. Remember it’s always the things I don’t do I regret, not the things I actually do, (though a few honorable exceptions to this one do come to mind)
5. Keep in mind people remember whether they had fun at your house, not what they had to eat, (unless you either a) dish up a feast a la Nigella Lawson and even then I think they are probably more riveted by impressive cleavage or b) in the much more likely scenario in my case, you poison them)

Enough of the feel good stuff – I am now off to write that best seller, loosely based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s approach with ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but probably in my case more realistically entitled ‘Laugh, Love, Drink’.

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