Thursday, June 5, 2014

So do you believe in Dog Poo fairies?

I seem to have been stuck in one of those periods of life, and OMG as I type those words I think, this is it, what I am describing has a name – and that name is ‘MIDDLE AGE’ – but joy-sapping labels aside, it has been a couple of months where I seem to poised at the start of a rant when anyone foolishly asks me how I am and life events have had a nasty habit of being more on the depressing side of death, decline and the drip-drip aggravation of living with teenage life forms– so I love it when I come across something that makes me laugh out loud,  and this particular notice that has appeared down at the dog park, stuck prominently on the dog poo bin had me snorting away as I binned the poo. So well done that unexpected source of merriment, Mosman Council, this particular ratepayer loves you, however I am of course now worrying about the fact I am potentially old and grey inside as well as out!


  1. I think I m going to cut, paste, PRINT and stick on every lamp post in our street -as we are on the main "walk thru" road to the park and the dogs shit all down our street and then play in the doggy bit of the park! hurumph... ps I'm middle aged too, from Tunbridge Wells!

    1. Hi LRS - the variant on that here is people pick up the poo and then dump the bag by the side of the road - not quite sure of the thinking on that one - but yes, deck every lamp post in Fulham with the fairy message Cx