Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Massacre - Knives at dawn

It was knives at dawn in our household in a somewhat new rendering of the Valentine’s Day spirit.  We are not big on Valentine’s Day and to be honest Husband can usually count himself lucky to receive the type of bent and mangled tasteless card that is the only thing left at 8pm on the 13th when true to form I suddenly remember I am supposed to have succumbed to romantic fervour.

This year I managed to get my hearts and flowers together, and actually got a relatively inoffensive card and a present that exceeded the usual packet of dried mango in the excitement stakes.  A bread knife is an obvious romantic gift and given that the sailing boat he has just purchased is clearly the new love of his life, then what could be more appropriate than a knife (in traditional day glo orange) to go with it?

It was not one of those mornings where we sprang out of bed, having had a late night outing to see the somewhat puzzling “Inside Llewyn Davis” at the Outdoor Cinema at Sydney’s Botanic gardens – the cinematic drama enhanced by the vivid lightning flashes illuminating the iconic skyline behind the screen. 

As light dawned, and alarm clocks buzzed, I whipped out my present and card with a fair show of smugness, needless to say in a nod to the traditional lateness I had had to wrap it post cinema, bent double behind the laundry basket, swearing away about the fact that there was not a working roll of Sellotape in the house.  Husband then looked even smugger as he matched me on the knife front with the completely original present of a cakeslice - in the form of a pink daschund!

How can you not love a pink swirly daschund of a cake slice?

I reckon if you have a cake slice, it has to be frivolous.  My last one was a Kriskringle present from about 5 years ago and played, somewhat tinnily, a variety of useful tunes from Happy Birthday to the Wedding March.  Sadly it had one too many plunges into the washing up bowl and had disintergrated – so yes I was in the market for  a new cake slice.

And this one is such a joy!  Who could have guessed I would derive such pleasure from a cake slice?  I think it is the colourfulness of it – I am a girl of bright colours, a pair of rainbow wellies with transparent heels being one of my prized student possessions.  

Was pleased to find Rainbow wellies are back in fashion??? But have yet to spot anyone actually wearing them.

The other winner is I think it is just such a clever design, practical but guaranteed to make you smile.  The shop it came from is called Pylones, their Sydney store is just a riot of colour, the Joseph and His Amazing Coloured Coat of retail.

Keep your roses and chocolates, I’m off to eat cake!

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