Saturday, December 29, 2012

Throw out the old New Year Resolutions - on with the new

Due to a combination of circumstances it looks a fair bet that I will be watching the fabulous Sydney midnight fireworks from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where Drama Queen No. 1 is currently in residence – I am told the roof of the hospital has a great view but am not sure how many people it is going to be possible to smuggle in for the Ling alternative New Year party.

RPA as it is known, has become our home from home this year and I was wandering through the hallway first thing this morning – we always seem to be there at weekends when the hospital functions as a shadow of its normal vibrant bustling self and thought about New Year’s Resolutions or indeed New Year’s Aspirations which sounds a less threatening way of putting it and reflecting how shallow and self centred my normal ones are – (shallow – moi?), revolving as they normally do on an annual basis around loosing weight, not being such a slob on the housekeeping front, writing more, talking less etc.

So my 2013’s New Year Aspirations are going to be at the deeper end of the meaningful pool.

1.     To remember that life and love are the most important things in the world, everything else can be replaced.  It sounds trite but it’s easy to forget the importance of these two great truths until you have to stare down the hard stuff.
2.     To follow the passion in life – this applies less to the pursuit of unsuitable men, but more to the fact I feel we should treat life as a mango full of juice and aroma begging to have teeth sunk in, juice dripping down chin, rather than as a lemon from which to recoil with teeth on edge.
3.     Remember Drama Queen No. 2’s stress mantra which is “Will this be important in two year’s time?”  In actual fact it does often take two years for things to rise to the top of the ironing basket.
4.     Rather than eating and drinking less, to make time to ensure I am eating and drinking well with the friends and people I love. – though I might have to add in a small memo to self to drop the daily chocolate Freddo Frog that I have currently kidded myself is essential to my wellbeing.
5.     To celebrate whenever and whatever I can – so if you spot a small blondeish figure skipping round Mosman singing at the top of her voice – early in the morning or late in the evening– yes it’s likely to be me.

Happy New Year!


  1. Oooh, good ones. I'm about to post mine but I'm afraid they are of a much more practical nature. Needs must!

  2. As far as I am concerned, you have always followed those "aspirations". Why don't you give yourself a challenge? Happy new year my inspirational friend.
    How was the view from RPA on NYE? I watched the Bicentennial Fireworks (1988) from RNS Intensive Care Unit (as a visitor, not a patient). Quite possibly the best view in town, although arguably not the greatest atmosphere . . .
    K xx