Friday, July 22, 2011

Hear, Hear for the rain in Sydney

Joy of joys, it’s that wonderful moment where you discover at 7 a.m on a Saturday morning that all school sport is cancelled for the day, meaning that the entire household can go back to bed. One of the discoveries of my student days was that there is nothing nicer on a slightly chilly morning that slithering back into a still warm bed.

It’s nice to find something to feel positive about with regard to the ridiculous amounts of rain that have been cascading down on Sydney over the past week. I was reduced to fury by weather forecasts that kept announcing “showers’ or in a concession to reality “heavy showers” for Sydney – personally I felt ‘monsoonal rain’ or ‘near continuous tropical downpours’ would have been a more accurate assessment of the situation.

I am feeling particularly bitter about the rain as I feel in part I am the cause of it – as I explored in this article I only have to commission some type of building project and you can guarantee any carpenter in the area will be hauled off the job in preparation for ark building.

It’s hard to describe how desolate the back garden looks – half finished construction projects have a special woebegone appearance. To put things in context even Sydney Harbour has lost the tones and colours that sparkle their way across the blue and green spectrums and is now sporting what could only be termed a revolting muddy brown shade as the result of all the run off.

The highlight of my day yesterday was I got a cold call where I really couldn’t make out who was speaking. After I’d hollered ‘You’re really going to have to speak up” and “I can’t hear you” and basically given a complete Oscar winning impression of an ear trumpet holding octogenarian the lady at the other end said apologetically that this was the local hearing clinic wondering if I’d like to take advantage of their free testing programme. I of course announced grandly that I didn’t fit the non-hearing category – thankfully I couldn’t hear her snorts of disbelieving laughter.

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