Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Simple Bare Necessities - the Kiwi way

It’s the Queen’s Birthday weekend so naturally the weather is filthy. There is a certain smugness to having decided against taking ourselves off to a beach house for the weekend. There are in my experience a limited number of activities suitable for both adults and children in the freezing cold of a strange house, watching the rain trickle down the windows.

I am long overdue for a haircut and so felt an immediate tug of affinity for the New Zealand icon ‘Shrek the Sheep’ who died this week and who was described at one renegade point in his life when he had been evading the clippers for some year, as resembling a sheep caught in a giant puffball. Watching the clip from the BBC recording the life and times of Shrek has given me hope for a similar transformation when Roger my own personal clipper applies the shears to my hair later on this week.

Husband has just returned from a couple of days in New Zealand and found himself goggling in amazement when he realised the Air New Zealand flight safety video he was watching was being conducted by staff wearing body paint. In terms of then giving the briefing his full attention there is no doubt he was completely riveted as the comely hostesses cunningly holding props over their vital bits pointed out exits and how to locate your life jacket. I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea and I can’t think why other airlines aren’t adopting the nude briefing approach. What I liked most was how much the staff obviously enjoyed making the clip, the pilot endearingly appeared on the edge of hysterical giggles most of the time.


  1. This really really made me laugh, surely the only airline where anyone pays attention ! Good luck with the haircut, mine is more about covering the greys xx

  2. Hi BW, if the body paint made you laugh, take a look at the disco video they made - apparently the CEO features in head band! I'm flying to UK today so will be looking hopefully at the flight attendants in the hope of some amusement.


  3. I really don't know what to say. ...have a good flight, wear those funny tights and all that. I would love to meet for a cocktailinLondon but am AWOL. Email me and I'll fill you in xxx