Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a sad state of affairs in Sydney

Part of what I love about Australians is the plain speaking – which when it translates into adverts often makes them very funny – the “Don’t be a tosser” signs that you get on litter bins strike me as inspired and never fail to lift my mood.

There is a giant billboard outside the entrance to Sydney Airport that is often used for the bursting upon the unsuspecting public, making a splash, type of giant adverts. In March this year, the billboard featured a huge image of Tony Abbott, the Australian leader of the Opposition, emerging from the ocean clad in tight speedos – budgy smugglers as they are known here in another instance of plain speaking. A picture that definitely veered on the side of the offensive if you prefer your politicians fully clothed. By the way, don’t worry if you didn’t immediately know who the leader of the Australian Opposition was, it has been a bit of a revolving door job recently.

I realise I am getting old and fogeyish but I do however really object to the current advert gracing the giant Sydney Airport billboard. It is a picture of an alluring, naked female model with the words “Life is Short. Have an Affair. While in Sydney” emblazoned across her enticing curves. It is apparently an advert for an online dating site for married people – an electronic version of car keys in the pot I guess. This particular US company is obviously targeting the Australian market – what a load of sad swingers we are, and aired an advert on television last week before the level of complaints forced it off air – go people power on that one.

I accept people have affairs and it is a reality of life but I find it offensive to have adultery promoted as a fun activity that every inhabitant of, and visitor to, Sydney could/should indulge in, in order to lead life to the full. I am tempted to take a large black paint pot and alter the bill board in a personal message to my nearest and dearest so that it reads, “Your life WILL BE short. IF you have an affair. While in Sydney OR ANYWHERE ELSE. Love and Kisses The Wife”


  1. Ick - just came through the airport and didn't see that... How tasteless :(

  2. I am so glad it is not going to be your first memory of Sydney! Weather is a bit chilly for your first week in Sydney but this is as cold as it gets :)