Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time to get the leathers out

Yet again a new dawn is about to break in my life – dawn is quite a useful analogy as it does come round every day and indeed most days I do vow this is going to be the start of a brighter and better me. This particular new dawn was brought on by bumping into an acquaintance who I like very much but don’t often see as our children have now parted company as school mates – she’s a boy specialist and I am the girl expert so in the Sydney predominantly single sex senior school environment we are destined to lead parallel lives. It was 7am and I was staggering into the coffee shop for my post exercise life-reviving slug of caffeine. A fabulous red Ducati motorbike roared up and my glamorous acquaintance climbed off clad in her leathers, looking like every red blooded male’s Bond girl fantasy. The usual queue of tradesmen waiting for their coffees were reduced to spluttering wrecks and shambled off into the morning wiping their brows. Apparently pre marriage she raced motorbikes and made her husband promise that once their children reached a reasonable age she could go back to them. Once I had quelled the fantasies of myself in leathers – the image of a teletubby shoving a helmet onto its head forced its way into my mind, I resolved I would make sure I go back to all the things I enjoyed pre children, fortunately some of them such as skiing actually lend themselves to being family pursuits and there is the off chance I could find a skiing outfit that might create a streamlined effect to emulate Glamour Puss friend in her leathers.

The need for a bit of glamour uplift was reinforced by the fact that owing to International Day at the school I teach and the resulting requirement to dress in a way that reflects your national origins I nearly crashed into my own child’s parent teacher interview wearing my Scotland Rugby strip, thereby confirming my reputation for eccentricity and low centre of dress sense with my child’s teachers and fellow parents alike.

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